About Me

Hi, my name is Rose Joy.  I love New Zealand’s wild landscapes and people!  After a decade of photographing New Zealand landscapes, I now focus on photographing people in the landscape.  My quest is to express beauty and light in graphic style images.

My images are natural and relaxed, and incorporate the natural beauty of the places around us we call 'home'. You can choose a location that is special to you or I can suggest some beautiful spots which I know will give you great light and beautiful scenery.

I photograph people in many stunning locations that we are so lucky to have in Canterbury and find that beautiful light.  Either at sunsets beautiful golden hour to give your images golden tones with colours velvet rich and scrumptious. Or mornings to experience Canterbury’s pure clean bright light which gives you fresh airy images.

My home is beside the ocean in Sumner, Christchurch.  The ocean provides a constant source of inspiration for my photography.  I live by the ethos of seizing all opportunities and treating life as a gift.

I’d love to talk about your dream photoshoot and create it just for you!  Call me on 0210303051 to explore.

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