About Me

Hi my name is Rose Joy Cameron and I live in Sumner, Christchurch.  I have experienced a broad brush of life being an experienced solicitor and landscape architect. These disciplines nurtured a fascination for people and taught me the timeless principles of design and thinking deeply. I have a  unique way of seeing beauty and light.  The first half of my photography career I photographed landscapes.  Now portraiture is my primary passion.  

When photographing people in nature I often experience a genuine connection. Through the art of photography I want to recreate and disclose this connection. Art created from this mysterious place enlivens and inspires the spirit.

'I have made thousands of photographs of the natural scene, but only those visualizations that were most intensely felt at the moment of exposure have survived the inevitable winnowing of time. Some images are useful... but these certainly do not have the appeal or impact of the images that relate to external beauty and internal creative response." Ansel Adams

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